Hot! Tips For Porting Your Phone Number Away From Vonage to Cancel Your Account


If you do a quick internet search, you’ll find that overall, Vonage customers tend to be fairly pleased with the service, however that all changes when attempting to port your number away from Vonage. The VoIP service is known for making it very difficult for customers to port their numbers away. Many customers have reported hours on the phone with customer service, only to have their account not cancelled after all. Others have reported port denials and difficulties in getting the port data to match Vonage’s records.

If you’re planning on porting your number away from Vonage and switching to a new phone service provider, here are a few tips that will help you make the move as easily as possible.

Gather the Correct Information
Generally, the carrier you are porting to will ask you for a few bits of information which seems relatively easy to gather, but the potential for problems exists, as Vonage can make it tricky to get the proper information associated with your number.

You will first need to log into your Vonage account and write down your Vonage account number, the PIN number associated with the account (you would have set this up when you signed up for the account, however you can reset it in your account settings if you forget it), and obviously the phone number you are porting.

Here’s where it gets tricky. You will also need the zip code associated with the phone number on your account. Now you would think this would be the billing zip code (or your home address zip code), however if Vonage registered a new number for you when you set up the account, the zip code is actually the billing address zip of the local number provider that Vonage used to register your number. You will have no idea what this zip code is, and it is not listed on your online account anywhere, therefore there are two ways to get it:

1. Call Vonage and ask for the zip code associated with your phone number in order to port the number away from their service.

2. Call your new carrier and have them call Vonage to get this information.

I chose option 2 when porting my number, as this allowed me to avoid having to deal with 30 minutes of a CSR talking my ear off trying to convince me to stay.

Upon a Successful Port, Clear Your Number Through Vonage
Once the port comes through successfully to your new carrier and you are able to make and receive calls to your new service with your old ported number, this should automatically cancel your Vonage account. Again, this may not be as simple as one would hope.

You will need to call Vonage and ask them to clear your number out of their database, otherwise other Vonage users will not be able to call your number after it is ported. This is because Vonage will still route other users of their service through the Vonage system when dialing your number and unless your number is cleared from their database, those calls will never leave their system, and will never reach you on your new service.

You will also want to verify that your account is, in fact, canceled. Legally, once your number is ported away from Vonage, they are required to cancel your account automatically, however “mistakes” do happen. You will want to be 100% sure that your account will no longer be billed.

A Few Last Tips
If you want to keep your number, never cancel your Vonage account prior to porting your number away from their service. The account cancellation will automatically happen once the number is ported to the new provider. If you are switching, all of the leg work is best handled by the new carrier you are porting to, and usually they are very helpful in getting all of the required information you need.

If you simply want to cancel your Vonage account and do not want to keep your Vonage phone number, I would still suggest porting the number away to a pre-paid phone service, as this is the easiest way to cancel a Vonage account without getting the run-around from their customer service. You can always just let the number expire on the pre-paid plan and be done with it.



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